Frequently Asked Questions

Do I plant it in containers or in the ground?
Either! If in a pot then just make sure it is an adequate size – at least as big as the crown you wish to grow.

How deep do I plant it?
Ir depends on the size you buy: from just 7cm (3”) for the ‘bonsai’, to 20cm (8”) for the extra large. The most important thing is to firm it in very hard – much more so than when planting ordinary plants.

What soil or compost?
Almost any- Willow isn’t fussy and will grow in almost any conditions except very sandy soil. It loves heavy, wet clay, and even waterlogged conditions! If planting in a container we recommend using a little garden soils or loam-based compost mixed in with any multi-purpose compost. They particularly like the low- or non-peat based products now available.

Do I plant in Sun or shade?
Either! The only aspect the Willow Wand won’t tolerate is deep, permanent shade.

How often should I water?
Every day for the first few weeks until it is well established and from then on always keep moist. If in a pot then stand in a saucer and make sure that is always has a little water in it, or better still, use decorative with integral reservoir. If planted in the soil, once established water every week for the first season then it will take care of itself unless drought conditions. It’s impossible to over-water willow – they even love waterlogged conditions.

I’ve heard willows grow out of control?
Not these one – because you trim the topiary crown at least once per season they never get too big: the stem height remains fixed for life and you simply decide the shape and size of the crown.

But don’t willow roots cause damage to buildings?
No! even if planted in the ground, the ‘bonsai effect’ of trimming the tops of your Wand means the root run stays proportionate in size so never get too big either.

I’ve lost loads of decorative plants in the winter – how hardy is my Willow Wand?
Unlike imported Mediterranean plants such as bay or olive trees, the Wands are made from English Willow grown right here in the UK by expert local growers, and are fully hardy in even the worst of British weather – right down to minus 20C in fact.

How often do I trim the topiary crown?
Between once and 4 times per season – less if you want a loose, informal effect, and more often if you want a dense, ‘box-hedge’ formal topiary style.

Why do I need to take off the buds from the main stem?
In order to maintain the beauty of the handwoven stem – left to grow by themselves, those buds would cover the stem in side branches and hide the stem. It’s very easy to rub them off as they appear, when thye are about 1cm long. You will get lots to start off with, but within aa season or two soon they will virtually stop appearing.