How to maintain healthy trees.

For most people, despite the weather, it has been a great year, gardening wise. Water has been an issue, but other than that, the heat has been beneficial. However, this same weather has also provided the perfect environment for insects to thrive.

There are a number of pest control methods one can adopt, but often, a mesh or net can be particularly effective. What is important however, is that you pick the right net for the job. We don’t want to trap other animals like birds, only to prevent pests destroying the crops. A small mesh net will also do the job of protecting butterfly pests as well.

Generally, the larger mesh sizes are good for protecting soft fruit, provided that it is stretched over a frame or cage, and most insect pests will be repelled by something with a mesh size of about 0.8mm x 0.8mm. Without protection, one may find that everything from their vegetables to hedges are being attacked by a variety of undesirable creatures.

And it isn’t only small plants under threat. Recently, a few new pests have come to prominence because of the ease at which they destroys elm trees.

One, known as the Zigzag Saw Fly, so named because of the shape of the damage it does to leaves, can destroy the foliage of an entire tree, and has already colonised around 7000 square miles of England. Having already wiped out millions of trees in the United States, the impact on the UK elm population could be catastrophic.

The emerald ash borer is another potentially damaging pest, and has already been sighted in Britain and western Russia. Given that a proportion of ash imports into this country are from this part of the world, any infestation could be catastrophic.

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