Humanising and Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Whether your work is ‘business to customer’ or ‘business to business’, customer service is vitally important and extremely competitive. Even though it’s nothing new, the fact remains that many companies do not spend enough time or effort in developing such a significant marketing tool.

Customers have many options available to them and often, customer service is what tells them the difference between a good and a bad company. With so many competitors, you really need to make your customer service stand out. In the business to business world, remember that the customer isn’t even a customer – it’s a business. And companies tend to find a business they like and stick to it, which means you really need to stand out if you want to sway customers.

We’ve put together a few tips that should help you humanise your customer services:

  • Know your customer – do your research about the companies, employees and customers you’re aiming at. A good system should be able to bring together all the relevant information on a personal and individual level. It is not enough to categorise your customers as ‘people who like gardening’. The audience shifts from day to day, season to season. And each one has different needs and expectations.
  • Provide a multichannel customer experience – the importance of a multichannel customer service is becoming more and more crucial. It’s now a necessity to provide your customers with more than one method of communication so they can choose whatever is most convenient for them. Customers want to be able to communicate with you by email, phone, text, Twitter, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The list goes on. In the modern world, customers expect to be able to email the company, even email the owner. You can, at least in theory, tweet a message to the President of the United States. Whether he will read it himself is debatable, but customers expect to be able to make contact at all levels of your organisation so give them this opportunity.
  • Use multimedia tools – using video, audio, and screen-sharing tools can help to create an ideal customer experience. This can include developing bespoke videos for customers, to simple ‘how-to’ videos, generating a personal and effective method of communicating with a customer.
  • Using metrics – it’s an effective way of measuring performance and, through analysing data, finding out what support and help customers need. Tracking customer satisfaction can also shed light on an ‘at-risk’ relationship. Even if it’s as simple as tracking and observing your customers as they move around your site, where are the choke points? Where are the attractions? What are the things that people pass by?

Although these might seem like simple actions, they are easy to overlook yet can make a huge difference to your customer support service.

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