Grow Plants over Winter without Feeling the Cold.

Even though the festivities are over, and it can all feel a little bleak and dreary, January does offer some improbable excitement for the gardener.

Firstly, it’s the perfect time to peruse the seed catalogues and have a think about what you want to grow this year. New varieties of seeds are constantly being developed – some are more disease resistant, some give higher crops, and some may just be more vigorous. Even though it may still be too early to plant outside, it doesn’t stop us from having a good look.

If you do want to grow things throughout winter though, planting sprouts, shoots and micro-greens are a good place to start. As they are such young plants, they grow very quickly anywhere from two or three days to two or three weeks. Easy to grow in a window sill or under light, they may scratch the itch for planting and growing until it’s time to go outside. And, they only need about an inch of potting soil and a shallow container. It might sound like one for the children, but we find it pretty hard to resist too!

So, if you’re planning on starting seedlings inside ready for planting out later, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a grow light rather than relying on light in the window sill which will inevitably be inconsistent at this time of year. As seedlings prefer around 15 hours of light per day to grow well, we’re clearly not there yet. Any sort of shop light will do so you could even go DIY if you didn’t want to buy a specific grow light – as long as the plants are getting the light, they don’t mind.

Also, just be aware that over-watering your plants will do more harm than good – so only water when necessary, and then only sparingly. Test the soil with your fingers and water the plants when the soil is dry. Simple.

Starting to grow plants indoors now will provide you with fresh greens and keep you ticking over until it’s time to really get out there. Enjoy!

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