What’s new in garden design for 2019?

Well, it looks like health and well-being are big drivers in this year’s garden design trends. From a place to practice mindfulness, to growing your own food, happiness and relaxation are big factors.

Simplifying our gardens in contrast to the ever-more complicated world in which we live sounds like a good idea. Do this by having mostly perennial plants that come back year after year and can be grouped together for easy watering. If you’ve got a misplaced tree or shrub you can remove or rehome it so that it doesn’t get in the way of your path, for example. If you can, invest in an irrigation system to take the donkey work out of watering and when you’re considering decorative materials for paving and pathways, try to go for things that will last well and don’t need frequent cleaning.

If you want to spend more time relaxing in your garden, then make it a real destination. Keep it low maintenance: fix up a music system (being mindful of the neighbours of course); create a focal point like a fire-pit; make sure that your outdoor furniture is comfortable and visually appealing; add effective lighting and don’t forget to sort out somewhere to cook if that’s what you like doing.

Most of us have a shed or some sort of outside building – and they’re quite necessary, so if you’re going to see it every day, why not make it look as good as you can? How about using salvaged materials for character, or choose a structure that’s visually appealing as well as practical? And remember, a well-chosen lick of paint or varnish can work wonders.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, then consider creating a little retreat where you can read and relax in seclusion. Your oasis could be screened or hedged off from the rest of the garden and include seating for only one or two, a relaxing water feature, some lovely plants or even a pergola or arbour to create a sense of intimacy.

Never underestimate the amount of pleasure to be got from growing even a small amount of your own food, even if your space is limited. Pots, planters and containers of all types can be enough for many herbs, fruit and veg – not to mention edible flowers.

As well as being a place where you want to spend time and relax, your garden can also be doing good without any effort from you. Design it with wildlife in mind – choose plants that will attract the bees and butterflies and help the birds and hedgehogs out where you can.

And that’s it. Simple. Your little piece of heaven on earth.










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