The Willow Wand ® – beautiful, living art.
Handmade in the UK.

On a childhood country walk I recall being utterly fascinated to find that strands of fence wire seemingly magically passed straight through the trunks of a row of trees. Such experiences quickly turned into a fascination for plants and nature and an obsession with gardening. What I realised years later when studying horticulture was that fenceposts of living willow had been driven into the ground, which had then sprung to life and grown around the wires that had been attached to them.

The incredible ‘life-force’ and flexibility of Willow has been harnessed in numerous ways over the centuries – indeed Willow is so versatile that it has been described as “Lego of the plant world”!

The Danish sculptor Heinrich Braun has used this endless potential to create a stunning range of willow designs based on our shared philosophy of simplicity, elegance and natural shapes. When I first saw The Willow Wand up close, my involuntary reaction was the same that I have heard on countless occasions since then: “Wow!”.

We loved The Willow Wand so much that we decided to become Heinrich’s UK partners, master the craftsmanship need to make them and launch it in the UK. So many satisfied customers now share our sense of magic and awe that from small beginnings we are now poised to be able to offer our range nationally.

Put simply: The Willow Wand – Living Art for your Garden

The 2018 season has now started and we are excited to start selling again.


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