Winter – but no blues!

Now that we are officially into winter, and with temperatures down where we would normally expect, Willow Wands around the UK will have lost all their leaves and be in the dormant period. Don’t be concerned that the leaves turned yellow and dropped – this is perfectly normal and doesn’t indicate any problem whatsoever.

As previously mentioned, now is the time to give the crown a light trim to get it to the exact shape you like – which can do much to make your Wand look the part til next Spring. This plant is very much about shape, form and architecture, so getting good definition of the crown can really enhance the impact of the plant, regardless of leaves. If planted in containers, still ensure that the compost remains moist if there are any unusually dry spells. DON’T bring inside or protect with fleece – this is English willow and it’s perfectly happy in the ‘best’ of British winter weather!

As you can see from the photo if you are feeling festive, then some fairy lights can make a fantastic impact and really put your Wand centre stage over the Christmas period. We would love to see any pictures of how you’ve decorated yours.

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