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The Willow Wand ® is hand crafted in the UK from 9 living willow stems which are expertly selected by our master weavers and woven by hand with great accuracy and skill into a visually stunning, symmetrical ‘Wand’. Plant it, water it, watch it grow, and in as little as 6 weeks the decorative stem will be have magically grown a beautiful topiary crown.

The decorative stem remains fixed in height, but over the first few seasons grafts together into a single trunk, retaining its stunning woven effect. Simply trim the crown to any desired shape; perfect as a centre-piece, in groups, or to form standard decorative hedging.

The Willow Wand® is design protected.

With the news that several parts of the UK have experienced their first autumnal frosts, gardening thoughts inevitably turn towards the end of the growing season. Most will know that Willow is deciduous – that is, it drops its leaves each autumn. A short display of bright yellow leaves then reveals the structure of the branches and for those of you that didn’t know, this relatively sudden leaf drop in late October or early November is nothing to be alarmed about!

A light trim to neaten up the shape of the crown for the winter months can do much to make your Wand look the part. This plant is very much about shape, form and architecture, so getting good definition of the crown can really enhance the impact of the plant, regardless of leaves.

As the temperatures drop further, the newly revealed young branches can develop some lovely winter colour depending on the variety you purchased. So far, four or five varieties have been released, ranging from brownish-red to dark red, light green, and chocolate.

If planted in containers, still ensure that the compost remains moist if there are any unusually dry spells. DON’T bring inside or protect with fleece – this is English willow and it’s perfectly happy in the ‘best’ of British winter weather!

Plant it – water it – watch it grow!

3 simple steps to success:

English Willow – handcrafted in the UK – easy to grow – fully hardy

The wands are made from living willow – pop them in a bag to keep them fresh on your way home.

Plant them immediately, firming in hard and watering very well.

Keep well-watered, and watch it magically grow a topiary crown.

The versatile standard stem can be grown as a single ‘living sculpture’ – the centre piece to your garden, in multiples to form hedging, or in groups. The stem height is fixed with only the crown being allowed to develop. This is trimmed to any desired shape and size, as per topiary. The crown of The Willow Wand will quickly grow and fill out during the first season.

Over the years, The Willow Wand will graft together to become one, single willow trunk whilst retaining the beautiful twisted decorative effect of the stem.

The Willow Wand is widely available across the UK.

We are continually expanding our range of partners, so check back here regularly for new stockists.

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